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Training and Technical Assistance

TwoTech works with clients to develop and implement training and technical assistance programs aimed at improving performance and maximizing impact. Through innovative solutions and effective learning interventions, we help clients overcome programmatic and personnel obstacles and empower them to reach their most ambitious goals.

Training is delivered in small or large group settings (seminars, workshops, and courses) and designed to teach key concepts related to a particular topic. Trainings can be a better value and provide opportunities for valuable peer-learning. In the long term, trainings open the door to building a community of practice among our clients' organization.

Technical assistance (TA) is the process of providing targeted support to an organization with a development need or problem. It is commonly referred to as consulting. TA may be delivered in many different ways, such as one-on-one consultation, small group facilitation, or through a web-based clearinghouse. TA is one of the most effective methods for building the capacity of an organization.

TwoTech offers training and technical assistance at various levels of time and resource intensiveness including:

  • Assistance implementing evidence-based programs.

  • Assistance with strategic planning.

  • Curriculum development.

  • Customized technical assistance from subject matter experts.

  • Data analysis.

  • Facilitation of advisory group meetings.

  • Fostering relationships with research partners.

  • Onsite and distance learning training.

  • Peer-to-peer visits.

  • Research and information requests.

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