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Delivering Innovation and Critical IT Solutions

TwoTech, Inc. is a 100% minority-owned, small, disadvantaged company headquartered in Potomac, Maryland, with an outstanding reputation of customer satisfaction and quality performance throughout the government contracting industry. TwoTech offers a suite of solutions across the value chain to provide mission critical support to federal, state, and local agencies across the country. Our end-to-end innovation ecosystem helps our clients achieve maximum return on their Information Technology investments as we collectively architect intelligent and resilient solutions for the future.


IT Transformation and Cloud Solution

Delivering flexible, on-demand access to the resources underpinning these new digital business offerings.

Enterprise Architecture

Managing operations as a group to achieve strategic objectives.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Analyzing, modeling, and visualizing complex high dimensional data.

Cybersecurity and Network Security

Securing IT infrastructure to protect IT assets from attackers with malicious intent.

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

Managing operations as a group to achieve strategic objectives.

Training and Technical Assistance

Supporting program staff in delivering quality service and maximizing impact.

Past Performance

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